The Neutron consumer chain is coming!

A proposal to bring the The Neutron consumer chain to the Hub is

. As a Hub validator are you prepared? Have you voted? Here are the facts you need to know about Replicated Security.

Get prepared and join the right channels.

  • Pay attention to Hub governance to see if consumer chains are being approved. We will make it easier for you to subscribe to chain upgrades notices in the coming weeks!
  • For now, join
    the discord channel
    , and make sure the Hub’s core team knows how to contact you in case of an emergency. To input your contact information, tag any moderator in the Hub discord, verify your validator name and valoper address, and ask for the “Consumer Chain Readiness form”.
  • Get more familiar with Replicated Security infrastructure by participating in the
    persistent Replicated Security testnet

You will need to run a new node for every consumer chain secured by the Hub.

  • Replicated Security means no opting-out – you must run validator nodes for all governance-approved consumer chains.
  • Once a proposal passes, you’ll need to access consumer chain binaries (these will be linked in their proposals) and set up validator nodes on governance-approved consumer chains to avoid downtime penalties.
  • Make sure you know how to assign a different set of consensus keys on consumer chain nodes by using the
    key assignment feature

Penalties on consumer chains apply to all your nodes.

  • Downtime or double-signing with a consumer chain node means that your nodes (including your Hub node) will be jailed and the stake you secure on the Hub may be slashed.
  • The downtime window for consumer chains will be decided by each consumer chain, and exceeding that downtime limit will lead to automatic jailing for ten minutes.
  • The penalty for double-signing is slashing and tombstoning, but it must be approved with an
    equivocation proposal
    (which can only be raised to confirm an existing slash packet).

You will receive token rewards from consumer chains!

  • Each consumer chain will propose its own Consumer Chain <> Provider Chain security agreement, which will include a revenue sharing model.
  • Revenue sharing may include other fee tokens that are used by the consumer chain (e.g. NTRN).
  • For you and your delegators, Consumer Chain tokens accrue automatically and can be claimed the same way as ATOM rewards; no additional steps are needed.


More questions about replicated security?

Join us in

and reach out to Lexa Michaelides#1481 or a moderator to join your peers in the Replicated Security channel. If you have any questions about Neutron, join
their discord
and ping søi2studio#1446.

We want this to be a success for everyone on the Hub and are happy to answer questions or direct your team to resources.


Thank you for reading this and thanks to Lexa from the testnet team at Hypha (

) for helping to organize and prepare this information.