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Key Features

The Past...

The Future!

Putting together a validator set can take months and is a distraction from building a community of engaged users.
At launch, consumer chains are secured by the full validator set and multi-billion dollar market cap of the Cosmos Hub.
Applications built on other Layer 1s compete with one another for blockspace.
Your own appchain means no unexpected congestion and no competition for blockspace, giving you the certainty to innovate.
A lack of clear alignment with the stakeholders of a protocol can complicate go-to-market.
Now, projects get immediate access to hundreds of thousands of active users and benefit from Cosmos network effects over time.

Building with Interchain Security

Fully custom chain binary at the Cosmos-SDK level allows projects complete control of how gas is metered and how transactions are assembled into blocks
Custom inflationary and fee token sent to the Cosmos Hub in exchange for high security
Continuous airdrops to Comos Hub delegators and validators in the native fee token